Thursday, July 1, 2010

Senior Annual- 1970 Senior Pics Part 1

Redfield High School 1970, Senior Annual
Page 72
Pic: Class Officers: Student Council Rep: A. Seibrecht, Vice-Pres: R. Hardie, Pres: T. Cleberg, Sec.Treas- M. Strivens.

Row 1: Jeanie Anderson, Charlene Benton, Mary Betten
Row 2: LaVone Boots, Thomas Boub, Beverly Boyd

Page 73
Row 1: Patti Brindley, Raymond Buss, Galen Campbell
Row 2: Doug Christensen, Vicki Clawson, Anthony Cleberg

Pic: Barb Waddington shows that float building is not easy

Page 74
Row 1: Connie Crook, Peggy Dawson, David Dvorak
Row 2: Steven Dvorak, Vicky Ehrich, Julia Esser
Row 3: Michael Esser, Mark Flint, Don Gabriel
Row 4: Randy Geuke, Perry Haaland, Douglas Hamilton

Page 75
Pic: Mike Esser is sworn in at the Spink County Courthouse during an American government class project.

Row 1: Randall Hardie, Richard Hardie, Gary Haskell
Row 2: Roger Heber, Monica Hoch, Terry Jandel

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