Friday, July 2, 2010

Senior Annual- 1970 Senior Pics Part 2

RHS 1970 Annual Page 76
Row 1: Debra Jankord, Cynthia Johnsen, Roger Jungwirth
Row 2: Patricia Kayl, Jim Keller, Allen Kissner

Pic: Honor Students: K. Moore, L. Sorensen, C. Moon, L. Boots, C. Lemmer, V. Clawson, M. Strivens, R. Hardie. A. Peterson, P Haaland

Page 77
Pic: Senior hall is filled with activity between classes

Row 1: Greg Kruthoff, Deobrah Leesch, Corinne Lemmer
Row 2: Lyla Levtzow, Chuck Littel, Clark Lunstrum

Page 78
Row 1: Mary Lutter, Ester Masat, Sandra Miesen
Row 2: Christine Moom, Kathryn Moore, Carl Morgan

Pic: Keyettes show their dexterity in a basketball game

Page 79
Pic: The Sweetheart King and Queen were Doug Christensen and Brenda Wagner

Row 1: Charlene Mullenberg, Deborah Nelson, Sandra Nuhsbaumer
Row 2: Janet O'Connor, Robert Peterson, Monica Quitsch

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