Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday October 2, Banquet- The Class Picture

Terry Jandel, Dave Swope, Doug Christensen, Deb Leesch
Sandy Nuhsbaumer Schmidt, Patty Bacon, Doug Hamilton, Mark Flint
Vicky Erich Seih, Betty Gruenwald Moore, Vicki Clawson Schimke, Randy Hardie, ?, Connie Crook Mogen, Mary Schaffer Knight, Debbie Jankord Markus

Deb Leesch, Dan Hicks, Doug Hamilton, Mark Flint, Dave Dvorak, Terry Taylor
lining up
more lining up

almost lined up

from the side

Front Row L-R: Deb Leesch, Connie Crook Mogen, Chris Moon Dvorak, Barb Waddington Stoner, Kathy Roth, Debbie Jankord Markus, Patty Bacon, Mary Betten Cross, Sandy Miesen Coover, Kathy Moore Kuske, Vicki Clawson Schimke, ?
Row 2: Vicky Erich Seih, Margaret Retzler Melhaff, Esther Masat Preszler, Brenda Wagner Cleberg, Mary Schaffer Knight, Sandy Nuhsbaumer Schmidt, Betty Gruenwald Moore,
Row 3: Tony Cleberg, Mike Esser, Randy Hardie, Dan Hicks, Doug Hamilton, Doug Christensen, Dave Dvorak, Dave Swope, Randy Geuke, Mark Flint, Terry Taylor, Terry Jandel

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