Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to the Redfield Class of 1970 40 Year Class Reunion Blog

Redfield Class of 1970's 40 Year Class Reunion is in the works- Committe Members Vicki Clawson Schimke, Deb Leesch, Sandy Meisen Coover, Clark Lunstrum, Mike Esser, and Terry Taylor, met on Sunday June 27 at Terry's, and got a tentative schedule for the reunion hammered out.

Many details still need to be decided, and the next committee meeting will be held on Sunday August 15, at 2:00pm at Terry's. All class members are welcome.

So far, this is the tentative schedule for reunion activities:

Thursday, September 30: Burger Bash at the Legion at 5:30pm, and with parade float planning and prep afterwards.

Friday October 1: Afternoon, Homecoming Parade, with a float, informal social gathering at Sandy Meisen Coover's house between the parade and the game

Friday October 1: Evening, Homecoming Game, and an informal get together at Old Rooster's afterward

Saturday October 2: Banquet at Terry's, meet at 6:00 for nibbles and drinks, meal at 7:00 pm

Sunday October 3: Informal brunch at Leo's, time to be determined later


If class members want to send in personal updates, pictures, links, scans of old newspaper clippings, or any other news about themselves or other members of Redfield's Class of 1970 for the blog, please e-mail the information to: for uploading. Large image files will be reduced before uploading to preserve bandwidth, and no audio or video files please (though links to them are more than welcome).